The view from the fifth floor

At 8:30 on the morning of a major biology exam, I jumped into my car, my coffee in hand. I was heading to my first biology exam of the semester – and I was a nervous wreck. I gave myself extra time that morning, concerned I might be late for it. It’s funny how an exam that’s a fifth of your overall grade causes you to become a “worry wart”.

At 8:45, I was on Route 15.

At 9:10, I was on Route 80.

At 9:15, everyone began slowing down.

At 9:20, I was officially in traffic trying to merge onto 280. An accident earlier that morning had caused everyone to move like molasses. But, I thought, I will get there on time. I will.

At 9:30, I was out of traffic, driving down 280. And, more importantly, I officially knew that I would just barely make it to my exam on time. To top it off, in the stop-and-go traffic, I had spilled my coffee; so I now had a small, but noticeable, stain on my white shirt. Great, I thought, just great. I’m late and everyone will think I’m a slob. I hope this isn’t an omen.

Finally, at 9:50, I was pulling into Seton Hall’s parking deck. Five floors of parking and the only open, quickly accessible spot I could find was on the fourth floor, very close to the fifth. (Don’t you hate when they close the top deck!?) I parked and scurried out of my car, dabbing my coffee stain as I went along. In my hurry toward the stairwell, I slid across the mini-ice rink that was the green and fell hard, my papers sliding across the ice with me. I picked up my papers swiftly and scrambled to my feet, desperate to get there on time.

Sighing at what I just knew would be a bad day, I stopped short. Stepping closer to the edge of the parking deck, I leaned against the concrete barrier, gazing at the sight before me. With the library on the left and the athletic center on the right, I couldn’t help but smile at the slight irony.

Driving in, I had been in such a rush and such a bad mood I hadn’t stopped to admire the simple things in life. I hadn’t noticed the snowy trees casting shadows on campus; nor had I noticed how beautiful the library looks. Smiling, I knew that my day would turn around. And, maybe, just maybe, I would ace that exam.

When I stepped out of the parking deck several minutes later, I had a bounce in my step, excited to take on the day. The beauty of SHU had turned my day around. (Well, the bounce could have also been attributed to the half jog I did to McNulty!)

When I left late that night, I glanced out for one last look at the campus. While it was too dark to photograph, the sight was too pretty to not illustrate. The moon was casting a glow on the library, sending shadows all over campus; the athletic center was still alive with light, open for anyone who desired exercise; and students were on the sidewalks, taking leisurely strolls in the night as their breath transformed into clouds.

Almost jealous that they didn’t have a commute home, I thought of my bedroom, my cat, my bathtub. There were perks to living at home and commuting…

Like the view from the fifth floor of the parking deck.

This blog post was written by Setonian staff writer Jessica Card. She can be reached at



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One Response to The view from the fifth floor

  1. Kevin Stevens says:

    This was such a great read! Hope you aced the test.

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