SHU students like to see the glass as half-empty

Lately, there seems to be a lot of pessimism on campus: “My computer’s too slow”, “There’s nothing to do on weekends”, “DOVE’s always full; I can’t volunteer!” Although SHU has its downsides, there’s always a flip side to the coin.

“My computer’s too slow.” A lot of students on campus seem to think their computers should be faster. I’ve had my computer for a while now and haven’t had a problem yet (Knock on wood!). Most students don’t realize that laptops aren’t meant to store fifteen movies, six thousand songs, and all their school documents. Students should use a large capacity flash drive for their music and movies. Without all that extra jazz, the computers are pretty fast. Plus, students are getting a free computer, built into their tuition – so, let’s try not to be too picky.

“DOVE fills up too fast! I can never get in!” As the only major volunteer organization on campus, DOVE’s bound to be full. However, students don’t realize there are other opportunities: with clubs, in Freshmen Studies, etc. Instead of complaining, why don’t students look elsewhere for their volunteer hours? There are plenty of places in the surrounding area that would love volunteers, such as the VA hospital two miles off campus. If students do not want to do that, they should at least acknowledge that having DOVE’s activities packed is better than having them empty.

“There’s nothing to do on weekends!” SHU doesn’t always offer weekend opportunities for its students, since many head home for the weekend. While this is a negative aspect of the campus, its proximity to NYC is not. Within an hour, you can be in the middle of New York, exploring as college students tend to do. Since SHU doesn’t offer weekend activities, students should take advantage of the surrounding community: head into NYC, go to downtown South Orange, jump the train to go to Atlantic City (it can be done – trust me). Why limit yourself to what’s offered by the campus? If college is what you make it, make your own experiences!

Jessica Card is a staff writer for The Setonian. She can be reached at


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2 Responses to SHU students like to see the glass as half-empty

  1. Betsy Dudley says:

    As an out of state student I always tell people if I was not happy at Seton Hall I could have transferred. I am proud to say that I am happy at SHU and I am proud to be a Pirate. A good place that is always looking for volunteers is CCRE and a new SHU program called Skooled.

    If people want to volunteer and they should because SHU is founded off of servant leadership there are always places. For a long time I thought that there was nothing to do on weekends (which part of me liked because that is when I study/sleep) until I realized that almost every weekend was booked for me this semester. SHU is increasing the amount of events on weekends from the numerous dances to Rep Your Nation last weekend as well as a movie screening by College Democrats. People just need to be aware of what is out there and what they are interested in. If the events that exist don’t appeal to you, talk to someone. SAB and other orgs are always looking to increase events. SGA exists for a reason. Or as an even more novel idea create the events that you want, invite people, and look you have an event on the weekend.

    Life is what you make it. When you graduate university, there will not be a programming board or a hall council asking you what events you want. If you see a problem, solve it.

  2. Arnold says:

    Seton Hall is a good University on paper and academically but that is about it. The fact that students can’t even leave campus because of almost weekly armed robberies is a testament to the lack of protection and thought that South Orange puts into its students safety. I think a lot of people are afraid to do things on the weekend as opposed to lack of things to do or adequate transportation to local bars.

    The computers are alright but they are poorly designed and the shelf life is only about two years which is pretty bad for most computers.

    I agree with you that I hate students complaining but as someone who has tried to transfer twice, it is almost impossible because almost half the classes we take here don’t carry over to other universities.

    I love Seton Hall and I’m happy I went because of the people I’ve met and experiences I’ve had but I would advise prospective students not to come and for the amount of money students are paying it is vastly under expectations compared to other private colleges ie; Notre Dame, Villanova, Fordham.

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